This is a modernized rendition of the book “Independence or Annihilation”, which includes a case study on slavery within the members of the regiment. You will be able to easily identify the difference in the social classes of these men as well as the amount of first generation immigrants serving alongside third or fourth generation immigrants. It is easy to see that America is not that old as a country and this war defined us. The new edition also identifies locations of the main campsites of the unit throughout the war and encompasses many more soldiers not located previously as well as additional history related to some of the participants. It’s well researched in order to find the slightest nugget to better understand these men who elected to secede from our Union. And some of these new so-called nuggets are actually boulders. Anyone interested in: the Civil War, the Confederacy, the 60th Virginia regiment, the battles this regiment participated in, or the relationships with who was fighting and why; age, social class, immigrants, and occupation will be fascinated by this work. There are no confederate regimental books that speak to slavery, or illustrates who in the regiment was associated with the institution like this one. The recognition of slavery should not be excluded from these books as it is the primary reason for the Civil War. Most within the regiment never owned a slave and served with a premise of gaining sovereignty and independence for Virginia, others, primarily in leadership and higher social class most probably had more motivations on their mind.

For a Cause
The 60th Virginia Regiment of Infantry

This book will be offered  in a 8.25" x 10.75", Case wrap-Hardcover binding; with more than 2,025 soldier names and biographies; and more than 750 pages of storyline, statistics and countless photos and illustrations.

There are additional statistics and photos not illustrated in Independence or Annihilation.

The regiment still lives on in these words.

Due to be released in early 2018.