Independence or Annihilation
“The Gallant Sixtieth”

Campaigns of the 60th Virginia Regiment of Infantry

This publication is a modernized rendition of the 2017 book, “Independence or Annihilation.” It is a narrative of a regiment that fought in some of the most grievous battles occupying American soil. Externally, this regiment would appear like any other, but internally, they were unique as they were on many occasions directed to the most crucial segment of the battlefield where the onslaught and overwhelming pressure were applied by their adversary. In several of these cases, their line broke, and the battle was lost. The question is why would an ordinary regiment be placed in such vital and strategic points upon the battlefield on so many occasions? The answer is uncomplicated, it’s because their commanders had faith that they could do the unthinkable. That this regiment was the best. That these few battle-hardened veterans could succeed where others couldn’t. The truth is that these men were asked to do what no mortal man could do, which is to overcome the primary focal point and assault of a battle with a regiment that never amounted to more than 600 men on the field.

 This narrative has loads of new information and an additional case study on slavery within the members of the regiment. You will be able to easily identify the difference in the social classes of these men as well as the number of first-generation immigrants serving alongside third or fourth generation men. It is not difficult to envision the youth of America as a country, only eighty odd years after its creation, but this war, would define us. The book also identifies locations of regimental campsites throughout the war and encompasses addition soldiers not located previously as well as more evidence related to some of its participants. This well-researched book was compiled to find the slightest nugget to better understand these men who elected to secede from their Union, and some of these new so-called nuggets are boulders. Anyone interested in the Civil War, the Confederacy, the 60th Virginia regiment, the battles this regiment participated in, or the relationships with who was fighting and why; age, social class, education, immigrant, and occupation, will enjoy and be fascinated by this momentous work. There are no Confederate regimental books that speak to slavery or illustrates who in the regiment was associated with the institution like this one. The recognition of slavery should not be excluded from these books as it is one of the primary reasons for the Civil War. Most within the regiment never owned a slave and served with a premise of gaining sovereignty and independence for Virginia, others, primarily in leadership and higher social standing most probably had more motivations in mind.





This book is offered in an 8.25" x 10.75", hardcover binding with dust jacket; with 2,047 soldier names and biographies. The contents include more than three dozen soldiers not identified in the 2017 “Independence or Annihilation,” publication, and 149 more soldiers and 639 more pages than Scott's 1997 contribution to the H.E. Howard series of Virginia regimental histories. The compilation also consists of 789 pages, 54 pages more than the “Independence or Annihilation” 2017 printing, and contains additional biographies, storylines, statistics, and countless photos and illustrations. This published work is 2 1/8” in thickness and weighs almost 5.5 pounds, and most assuredly, is the definitive resource for the 60th Virginia Regiment.