This book is being written with the passion of many years of diverse work experiences within different and sometimes isolated electric utility work environments as depicted by a lineman who moved through the ranks and endured extreme conditions on the electrical grid from avalanches, to temperatures of sixty below zero. Follow his journey as he takes a leap of faith into management and all the associated perils and misperceptions. What’s it like to rubber glove 35,000 volts? What happens when this is done in a humid and/or wet environment? Well, this book will tell you. What’s the difference from a union versus a non-union shop? What type of work atmosphere is associated with both? What’s the difference between good and bad management? There are obvious signs that all can see but most can’t put their finger on. What’s the difference between a cooperative, investor-owned utility and a municipality? How do the different job descriptions integrate on an organizational chart in order for it to achieve peak performance as designed? Is this a good career choice and how do I get a job?

The things you learn over almost thirty years of exposure, practice and proficiency are difficult to describe in one volume. Without training, education and diverse experience growth is limited. Many refer to growth as years of service, which in a union environment signifies seniority but it doesn’t necessarily represent growth. Learning how to do something over the period of a year and then repeating it for the next twenty does not provide growth. I will discuss this. In the case of the author, growth in profession and person is immeasurable and continues today. Travel from feeling the magnitude of things to learn when asked to build a triple-buck arm to evaluating energy sales, operating expenses and fixed costs to establish an acceptable energy rate that recovers cost associated with different consumer rate classifications.

This is not just a tale, but a technical assistant for operations and a guide for what one would encounter on any such similar path or for those few wishing to better appreciate and comprehend an electrical utility atmosphere.

Due to be released 2018.