Relics from the Battle of Cloyd's Farm

Private John Hiram Muselman's "Austrian Lorenz" Rifle
Private Collection

Courtesy of the American Civil War Museum

Sword & Sash owned by Lt. Col. William A. Gilliam.Leather scabbard with brass mounts, "Captured on Frazier's Farm 30th June 1862 Col. W.A. / Gilliam, S.C." in white paint on scabbard.

Courtesy of the American Civil War Museum

Presentation Sword owned by Adjutant William N. Starke"Presented to 1st Lt. W. Norborne Starke by the men of Company E [1st] La Infantry, Warrenton Navy Yard Sept. 1861."

Relics from the Battle of Piedmont

Private William  "One Arm Billy" Lilly Sword
Private Collection

Relics from the Battle of Waynesboro

Chaplain James M. Haynes Sword
Private Collection

Captain Adam Given Sword
Private Collection
This sword is an E.J. Johnson Confederate Foot Officer's Sword
On the right side you see the AG/60th VA/Co D and below it is scratched A. Given.

Civil War Relic Enfield Bayonet Found at the Battle of Piedmont

More relics from the Battle of Cloyd's Farm

Used in the charge at Frayser's Farm where bayonets crossed and courage and gallantly was rewarded with crossed bayonets being bestowed on their sacred regimental flag.

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Rare Find! A rifle belonging to a 60th Virginia Soldier

This 1854 'Austrian Lorenz' was imported in large numbers by both sides, Union and Confederate. The Union imported around 250,000 Lorenz Rifles, while the Confederacy imported around 100,000.  Caleb Huse, a purchasing agent for the Confederacy, obtained these Austrian rifles through S. Isaac, Campbell & Co. in London initially. He then visited Vienna as the Confederate Ordinance Department purchasing agent in 1863 and obtained more for importation. This particular Austrian M-1854 Lorenz is in .58 caliber, has the original rear block sight and is without the cheek-rest seen on earlier models.  The breech is marked SEILINGER, the name of the arms manufacturer who contracted to make this rifle.  The lock is marked 861, which is the last three digits of the year of manufacture: 1861. 

This firearm was issued to Private John Hirman Muselman, Co. D, 60th Virginia Regiment.  "J. Muselman," and "Co. D," are carved in the stock. Muselman enlisted in 1861 at the age of eighteen and used this weapon in the charge at Frayser's Farm in 1862. He was captured in 1863 and transferred to Charleston, WV. Once imprisoned, he became a Galvanized Yankee. As a Yankee, he was captured and subsequently sent to Belle Isle and later Andersonville. When released, Muselman was transported back to the north on the Steamboat Sultana, which exploded and sank on April 27, 1865. John was one of only 627 survivors of the 2,427 passengers aboard.

Captain Samuel S. Dews Sword
Private Collection
This sword is a Mitchell & Tyler sold Boyle and Gamble foot officers sword in a lap seam wooden scabbard which is extremely unusual.  The Top band on the scabbard is period etched and says “S.S. Dews/60th VA Regt/PACS.


Courtesy of the American Civil War Museum

Enfield Ammo Crate used by J.H. to store his belongings. Etched in the wood is “ J.H., Co. I, 60th VA Reg.”